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Experienced firearms instructors with a strong commitment to safety, a passion for teaching and an unwavering dedication to empowering responsible firearm ownership.

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My journey into firearms instruction began with a deep-rooted respect for firearms and a commitment to promoting responsible ownership. As a law enforcement professional for over 24 years, I recognized the critical importance of proper firearms training and education. That recognition led me to establish ArmsWise, a place where gun owners can embark on a meaningful exploration of learning, skill development, and firearms proficiency.

Our classes are designed to be informative, engaging, and supportive while creating an environment where you can feel comfortable and confident as you learn. I seek to instill a deep understanding of firearm safety rules, proper handling practices, and the legal responsibilities that come with firearm ownership. I firmly believe that a well-trained and responsible gun owner is an asset to their community. This belief is at the heart of every course offered.

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At ArmsWise, safety is our top priority. Our instructors are passionate advocates of safe firearms practices. We instill in our students a deep appreciation for responsible firearm ownership ensuring that safety is at the core of every lesson and practice.

Certified Instruction

Our instructors have undergone extensive training, hands-on experience, and certification to become qualified to provide you with the highest level of firearm education and safety. Our aim is to produce well-rounded firearm owners who have the skills and the knowledge to make responsible decisions in any situation.


ArmsWise offers a diverse range of courses tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are a complete novice seeking to obtain a New York State pistol permit, a newcomer to concealed carry, or an experienced shooter looking to enhance your skills, there is a course here for you.

Private Lessons

Individual needs vary and some may prefer personalized instruction. That is why ArmsWise also provides private firearm lessons. These one-on-one sessions allow us to focus exclusively on your goals, whether it is refining your marksmanship, addressing specific challenges, or deepening your understanding of firearm tactics.

 Whether you are new to firearms or a seasoned enthusiast, we look forward to being your trusted partner on your path to becoming a confident, skilled, and responsible firearm owner.

Providing firearm safety, handling and marksmanship instruction to ensure responsible and safe gun use.


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